Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random photos of favorites

I've been telling myself for months that I need to get back to blogging.  This food blog combines two of my very favorite past-times -- food and photography.  There's no reason why I shouldn't be posting several times a week. Heavens knows I'm consuming enough food that I could be blogging about it for countless hours each day.

In my quest to get my food blog going again, I've decided just to go through some of my old food photos and share with you some of my favorites in hopes of garnering some inspiration.  Interestingly enough, almost all my favorite food photos also include an interesting event, family activity, or friends.  Food and folks really do go hand-in-hand.  I've been thinking more and more about that relationship and may just have to do some ethnographic work around my family and food traditions...but that's a blog post for another time.

On to the good stuff...
These are Craigo's breadsticks, specifically from Craigo's Pizziaria in Rexburg, ID. I lived for these things while I was going to Ricks. And in the past few years when I went up to Rexburg to visit my sister I would drag her over there to order them. Cheezy goodness.

This is my Thanksgiving plate this past year. I have no problem with my food touching. All that matters is that it tastes good going down. This was the Thanksgiving that I was introduced to Aunt Char's TO DIE FOR dip. And I'm not exaggerating, I ended up putting it on everything - vegetables, turkey, my roll, jello -- you name it and it tasted better with the dip. Someday I'll get around to sharing the recipe.

Did you hear the choir of angels singing when you looked at this Butterscotch Christmas wreath? Cuz let me tell you, this Christmas dessert is DIVINE! I'm not Christmas is not complete with out Judy Thompson's Butterscotch Christmas wreath. I hover near the front door starting about Dec. 10th waiting for the knock that heralds its arrival.

Ok, this little confection combines two of my favorite food items - peanut butter and my mom's homemade jam (doesn't really matter what flavor because I LOVE them all), in this case homemade blueberry jam. I came up with a peanut butter cupcake topped with blueberry jam and a delicious peanut butter frosting. Turned out FABULOUS! I'll have to post the recipe for that sometime too.

OK - the next two are both from Italy...what I, in my limited knowledge, believe to be the culinary mecca of the universe. I LOVE Italy and not just because of the beautiful art and architecture. I love Italy because the Italians invented the Caprese Salad and Gelato.

And for tonight, last, but not least is Hawaiian fried rice. This was a Sunday night staple in my house growing up. This particular batch was made by my Grandma Johnson in a good ol' electric fry pan. What makes it Hawaiian as opposed to Chinese is the SPAM. I LOVE SPAM. It's in my blood and good fried rice must have SPAM. I'm inspired and hungry. :)

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